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Our Average Unit Volumes (AUV) of our company-affiliated locations is $906,432. Find out more about your earnings potential in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes the Item 19.


With low start-up costs and minimal maintenance fees, our franchises have the potential for some incredible margins.


We’ve been providing South Florida with auto repair & custom performance exhaust since 2004. Making GExhaust South Florida’s premier Exhaust Shop.


Your investment will grant you access to our comprehensive training program, designed to teach franchisees all aspects of the business.

Introducing Gexhaust, a trailblazing success story in the automotive industry. From our humble beginnings in Davie, Florida, we have experienced exponential growth fueled by our commitment to craftsmanship and customer service. With over 111,000 followers on Instagram, we have become one of South Florida’s most sought-after shops.

Gexhaust is synonymous with excellence in performance exhaust. We take pride in delivering the best setups for vehicles at competitive prices. Our comprehensive range of services includes exhaust repairs, bolt-on kits, custom-built systems, and catalytic converter replacements, catering to the high demand in the car customization field.

As a Gexhaust franchisee, you become our top priority. We provide direct access to our owner and managers for guidance on fabrication techniques, sales approaches, and vehicle solutions. Our comprehensive video tutorials and expert advice equip you with the knowledge to operate your shop effectively. We also offer effective operating procedures and cutting-edge marketing techniques to help you excel in your local market.

Join the Gexhaust franchise today and become part of our thriving industry with limitless potential. Together, we will redefine automotive excellence and achieve greatness.

You're Interested? So What Do You Need?

Embarking on your journey as a member of the esteemed Gexhaust franchise team involves an initial investment of $45,000 for the franchise fee. Additionally, the total build-out cost of your shop, ranging from $180,500 to $247,800, will depend on the size of the establishment. Rest assured, our royalty fee stands at a modest 8%, ensuring that our valued franchisees can maximize their earnings and take home as much profit as possible.

The Benefits Of Being A Franchisee

As a member of the Gexhaust franchise team, you gain numerous benefits that come with being associated with a trusted brand and an esteemed position within the car community. We have meticulously crafted and integrated proven systems that not only ensure customer satisfaction but also maximize profitability. With our well-established systems in place, you can expect an impressive return on investment ranging from 20% to 30%, allowing you to thrive and flourish in your entrepreneurial venture.

Gexhaust Target Market

Our target market encompasses all vehicle owners, as our range of services covers everything from performance exhaust to exhaust repairs. With a continuous growth in the car customization industry year after year, we anticipate that eventually every type of consumer will require our services. In response to the prevalent complaint among customers regarding the lack of sound in modern vehicles, Gexhaust steps in to fill the gap. Our primary objective is to enhance performance and provide customers with the highest quality sound experience, all at the most competitive prices in the market.

In the process of awarding franchises, we actively seek aspiring entrepreneurs who possess a strong business acumen and a genuine passion for automobiles. While not mandatory, we highly value applicants with prior experience in the automotive field, as it can greatly facilitate the onboarding process and contribute to a smoother transition into the business.

Comprehensive Training and Support

  • Our franchise offers a comprehensive training system, combining hands-on experience with video training to ensure you are well-prepared.
  • Access to a 24/7 support line, connecting you directly with our knowledgeable owner and managers, who will provide guidance and assistance whenever needed.

Streamlined Point of Sale System and Competitive Pricing

  • Benefit from an in-depth point of sale system that simplifies pricing, making it effortless for you to manage transactions.
  • Enjoy the advantage of established accounts with top distributors in the United States, granting you access to the best prices available in the industry.
  • Our decade-long presence in the business has allowed us to diligently negotiate and lower prices, ensuring you benefit from competitive rates.

Marketing Resources and Branded Product Line

  • Gain access to a wealth of marketing resources and merchandising support to boost your franchise’s visibility and success.
  • Take advantage of our branded product line, which has been carefully curated to meet the demands of our customers and contribute to your overall profitability.

Ongoing Support from the Gexhaust Team

  • As a valued franchisee, you will receive continuous support from the experienced G Exhaust team.
  • Count on our team for sales tips, marketing approaches, and guidance to help you excel in your business.
  • Enjoy 24/7 availability of the founder of G Exhaust and their managers, who will provide ongoing guidance and support.

Streamlined Franchise Application Process

The Gexhaust franchise application process is designed to be simple and hassle-free, providing you with two convenient options to initiate contact. You can either give us a call or send us an email expressing your interest in joining our franchise team. Once we receive your inquiry, our dedicated franchise informational team will promptly guide you through the next steps.

During the pre-qualification stage, our team will work closely with you to assess your eligibility and suitability as a potential franchisee. We will engage in informative discussions, addressing all your inquiries, and providing a comprehensive overview of the benefits and possibilities that come with joining the Gexhaust franchise. Our aim is to ensure that you have a clear understanding of the opportunities that await you as a valued member of our franchise team.

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